Monday, April 11, 2011

Loki Morning Musings

I have added another link to help you in your civic duties. Mega Vote (What Are Your Representatives Up To?) brings Congress to your in box. Weekly emails let you know how your representatives voted on legislation.

More importantly, Mega Vote gives you an overview on what the upcoming votes will be, providing a "plain language" explanation of the bills, plus links to read more about the bill, who is sponsoring the bill, etc.

Too often we hear about some bit of legislation after it is voted on. This gives us a tool to let our representatives (and remember, they are your voice in government, don't remain silent!) know what we would like them to do on our behalf before the vote is cast.

This will also come in handy prior to elections, when you can easily see exactly how an incumbent voted rather than having to try to sort out campaign rhetoric. (i.e. Jim DeMint, our true blue, red blooded, American has consistently voted against bills that would help our veterans. Support our military? Maybe with his mouth, but not with his vote.

Now, with these two easy links, issues are delivered right to your computer/laptop/smartphone and you may write your representative immediately. Click, click, done!

Remember, powerful interests with lots of money can spend all they want on negative, slanted advertising, but you can get the calm, rational facts and make up your own mind without polluting it with the negative energy of political rhetoric.

We, the people, are still the ones who walk into a voting booth and push the button.

Keep reminding your representatives of this fact.

Have the courage of your convictions. Vote against people who refuse to represent you. Don't vote against the "what if" of another. Don't vote out of fear implanted by negative campaigns ads (for an interesting experiment, look into the psychology of fear based emotional manipulation and brainwashing and compare what you read to the wording and format of some of the PAC ads you are beginning to see).

Look at the voting record of the incumbent.
Look at the voting record of the incumbent.
Look at the voting record of the incumbent.

Let that be your sole basis of who you vote for.

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