Thursday, April 07, 2011

Dear Mr. President

My letter to President Obama:

Dear Sir:

Do NOT back down on this budget "crisis"! Please. We see it for what it
is - GOP blackmail.

My son is currently serving in the US Navy and he called to tell me that
he won't get his paycheck, but he'll be okay, he has savings.

He is upset because as he says, "Yes, I want my paycheck, but I don't want to
screw over poor people to get it."

I am a lonely little blue dot in the state of South Carolina. My
representatives won't even acknowledge my existence much less reply to my
emails. But I am suddenly not alone. Many, many of my staunch Republican
friends also see this current Congress as nothing more than the Trojan
Horse for corporate America to further their aims, to hell with what is
good for the people.

Tell America this plainly: We will not sacrifice the poor and the middle
class on the alter of capitalism. The GOP is serving the plutocracy, not
the democracy.

Stand firm! We are behind you!

Click on the link! Write your representatives! Remind them who pushes the buttons in the voting booths.


Anonymous said...

Our family member serving in the military says all WILL get paid......and the social security checks will be mailed

JanetLee said...

That will be awesome. Thursday, my son was told in a meeting by his supervisor that they should prepare to not receive their paychecks.

Anonymous said...

My mistake.....they will get their pay retroactive...when it is security checks will be sent out.