Friday, December 18, 2009

Ugh, Simply, Ugh

For some ambien brain fogged reason, I thought it would be swell to let the kittens sleep with me today.

The boyz say: What do you expect? This bed is too small.

I suppose it'll be okay. I slept four hours before Thor woke me up.

Thor sez: Um. It's lunch time.

But I went right back to sleep. Only to have the doorbell wake me up one hour later.

Loki sez: It could have been the FedEx man!!!

Finally gave up on sleep to discover that my backyard is now the left bank of Church Creek and the front yard is the right bank. Perhaps all those dreams I've had over the years of having to get to work by canoe were premonitions for today.

That is the creek out of it's banks in my and the neighbor's back yards. If I felt like a) getting dressed, b)getting rained on, c) stepping in water above my ankles and d) getting yelled at for taking Jason's camera out in the pouring rain, I could probably get pictures of some hermit crabs waiting out the high tide by climbing up into the bushes.

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