Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Pinning Day!

Congrats to my niece Sarah, and our night shift tech extraordinaire Kelly who are graduating from nursing school and will receive their nursing pins tonight!

I managed to get the Christmas tree decorated today. Hard to get in the mood when it's 70 degrees outside. Now, I don't need sub-zero temps or snow, mind you. A nice brisk 50 would be okay.

The cat torture continues.

Thor sez: Mom! The raccoon gang will see!!
(He wasn't really that mad, I was just moving his hind end at the time and it was just an ordinary meow, I promise no real torture was involved. Just bruised kitten ego.)

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Anonymous said...

Once again sweet photos....it is 19degrees here tonight...yes 19 degrees and we are expecting a HIGH of 24 tomorrow!!!! No accumilation of snow yet...last year at this time we already had 30
inches of snow so I'm NOT complaining....Pam, South Bend