Friday, December 04, 2009

Oooh Secret Stuff!

My mother has given in to pressure from the grandkids to actually write down her recipes. I, much like my mother, don't have real recipes, we just put some of this, some of that, how much, I dunno, about two shakes, a couple of these, one of those.

So, she has written down some of her classics - the most coveted are the mac and cheese and the German chocolate cakes recipes - and I'm typing them up and am going to print them off on some fancy paper she picked out.

I feel like I need some security here to make sure these don't fall into the wrong hands. There'd be mac and cheese everywhere! Mad cheese shortages, riots...

Thor sez: Here, I'll protect them with all my pointy parts! Well, human, you can see them or have them safe, make up your mind.
(Thor sure likes to hang his chin over edges.)

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