Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thor's Day!

Thor has a signature pose. The cross paw pose. It's actually very versatile.
The classic cross:

The blissed-out yoga cross:

The I'm-too-cool-for-school cross:

The intellectual cross:


chucker said...

Hmmm. Product placement.

JanetLee said...

I'm innocent! Jason took that picture. But he took it because Thor was sprawled on the magazine.

Marcheline said...

We have a saying in our house... "Does anyone see any SP's anywhere in the vicinity?"

SP=sexy paw

- M

Alexandrialeigh said...

OK, of course I love that Thor reads Skirt! But also, my golden mix is always crossing his paws that way. He's a poser. So funny to see that some cats do it too!

JanetLee said...

A - we say that Thor has "child star syndrome". A camera comes out and he starts posing.