Friday, June 20, 2008

I Stole a Christmas Tree Today

Well, technically I suppose I borrowed it, since I have every intention of returning it.

My man-child has been out to sea since last October and returned to port last week. He is supposed to have leave this weekend so I am planning Christmas in June.

Jason asked me if I didn't think that perhaps a tree would be over the top (he actually used some fancy smarty pants French term but I don't know how to spell it). I gave him my you-ain't-seen-nothing-yet look and informed him that no, I don't think a tree is over the top and furthermore, I fully intend on dragging out the X-mas box and decorating the kitchen and back room at least.

Today I left work and went to the grocery store for turkey and mashed taters and pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, and veggies. I even got a cheese ball because that's what I'd buy for my son every year. If they'd had egg-nog I'd have gotten it although he is the only human in the house who would drink it. Gag-a-rama.

I bought green plates and red cups. Red napkins.

Now if only I could find the Elvis sings Christmas CD....

Thor and Loki say: Our big brother is coming home?

Strange fact: Thor and Loki, especially Loki, love their human big brother. Even though he has never lived here in their lifetime. They run in terror from every other human who comes in the house, even my mom (although Thor is warming up to her). But Danny comes home and it only takes them a few minutes before they are loving on him and sitting by him. I don't understand it.


jaz said...

De trop. I said "De trop."

Which, yeah, probably is an over the top way of saying "over the top."

Pat said...

Cats know people, don't they?

How nice he's coming home! I hope you have a lovely Christmas this weekend. (And I don't think it's de trop at all...maybe it's a mom thing!)

Marcheline said...



Anonymous said...

How very blessed he is to have you for a mom...Merry Christmas!! Pam, South Bend

Saphyre Rose said...

I think I can help you with this.
We love Eggnog so I have a few recipes. It isn't that hard to make and the eggless nog I make even in the summer for something a little different. If you are worried about raw eggs in the summer heat I can provide you with a cooked nog.
It is up to you as to whether or not you put brandy in the nog.

The eggless nog is the simplest:
8 servings
You need 8 cups of milk
1 - 3 ox package of vanilla instant pudding
2 teaspoons of vanilla
1/2 Teaspoon of Nutmeg (+/- due to taste, we use a lot of nutmeg.)
Mix the pudding with 1 cup of the milk, When pudding is thick, whisk in the remaining ingredients. Chill.
That is about it. I made some last week. I heated it up and poured it over vanilla ice cream. Lee licked the bowl clean!
If you want eggs and the whole 9 yards, then try this one. It is thick and rich and has a kick to it, but use your own judgment about the "kick"!
You will need:
6 eggs
1 cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp nutmeg
2 cups milk
2 cups heavy whipping cream
3/4 cup brandy - optional
1/3 cup dark rum - optional
Chill everything before starting, for best results. Beat eggs until frothy, then beat in sugar, vanilla and nutmeg. Slowly stir in brandy, rum, cream and milk. Chill again, and serve it cold.

I hope these helps!
Have a wonderful holiday with your son. My son won't be home from the ocean until my birthday in September. It will be a wonderful present for me!
Give your man/child a big hug from another Navy Mom, won't you?

JanetLee said...

Thanks Rose! Perhaps I'll whip some up at real Christmas this year.