Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I don't know which irritates me more. That our esteemed elder statesman (and that explains 99% of the problems with the state of SC) Arthur Ravenel called a fellow school board member a bitch or that he thought it was okay because it just meant a "troublesome woman".

Troublesome woman.

And now all we need is John Graham the bastard Altman, oh, don't get offended it just means a troublesome man, on the school board.

Between the two of them, they'll probably decide that all those little girlies don't need no ejacation beyond ninth grade cos all that learnin'll just make them not want to stay home and serve their menfolks and such.

And John McCain, for whom I held a great deal of respect, lost much of it when a woman in an audience he was addressing asked him, of Hillary Clinton, "how do we beat the bitch?" and he did not call her out on it. He just sort of snickered.

Thor sez: This is my imitation of JGA realizing that women and black and brown people are taking over his Pleasantville world.

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Anonymous said...

As long as the adjectives tough are used to describe men and bitch
used to describe women of the same mind-set we will not have a female
president or other positions of power. It sucks and Howard Dean is about 10 months late calling
the media out on it. No wonder JGA gets away with it.