Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Not a Complete Disaster At This Moment in Time

At work, when asked if there is anyone in labor, and the answer is no, we will say "not at this moment in time". Because there is no creature on earth more superstitious than a nurse. Don't believe me? Just wander up to a nurses' station and say, "Sure is quiet around here."

Make sure your health insurance is up-to-date though.

And so it is with my little experiment in container gardening. At this moment in time it is doing okay.

The tomatoes, having survived an attack of some kind of slimy caterpillar thingies that ate an entire branch of the grape tomato plant, are coming along. I have a suspicion that the raccoon knows to wait until they are beginning to ripen, then he'll come back and steal them all.

We have a cucumber:

Another green bean harvest:

I was concerned about the zucchini because it had only been putting out male flowers but I saw a female flower bud today. The peppers are coming along nicely with several ripening as I type.

I've already dried one batch of herbs and will need to do another batch soon, especially the basil.


Marcheline said...

Thanks. Now I'm hungry! For some fried green tomatoes.

- M

Saphyre Rose said...

Would you like to trade a bunch of basil for a bunch of Rosemary or Spearmint?
Please, someone, take the spearmint!!! AHHHHH