Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I'm annoyed at recent commercials in which people at fancy restaurants are served fast food swill and claim they can't tell the difference.

I'm annoyed at not being given a time frame in which to expect my fridge to show up. Should I nap now? After lunch? When? I have a 12 hour shift tonight and I woke up at 0430 this morning. I shall need a nap.

I'm annoyed at Loki who has recently taken to meowing his emergency "Timmy's in the well" meow until I get up to see what the hell is going on and he just wants me to throw his puff ball down the hall for him to chase.

I'm annoyed with both Thor and Loki for the completely random turkey flavored cat food strike they've gone on for no apparent reason other than it is the most abundant form of cat food in the house which means I will have to go buy different cat food so I'm not scraping dried up turkey bits off their plate.

Thor sez: But can you do the annoyed ear point?

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