Monday, June 09, 2008

Monday Morning Mush

I watched a bit of The Discovery Channel's, When We Left Earth, last night. A bit because it didn't begin until 9pm and old fart that I am, I was nodding off by 9:30. I'm sure that it, like The Blue Planet, will be repeated enough over the summer for me to eventually see all six episodes.

The little bit that I did watch left me goose pimpled and a wee bit teary eyed thinking about just what we as a nation accomplished in those years.

We put a man on the moon. Back in the days when a single computer took up an entire room, before faxes and cell phones. Before the Internet and satellites monitoring every inch of the planet.

We said we wanted a man on the moon. We rolled up our sleeves, gave the most talented among us the tools they needed and did it.

So, today. We want independence from imported oil. We want renewable, clean sources of energy.

Can we actually do it or are we going to whine and complain about it?

Are we still the can-do nation who put a man on the moon?

Thor sez: If my cuteness and Mick's smelliness could be converted to energy, we could power the world!


jaz said...
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jaz said...

The strange and sad part is that we probably need to conjure up an opponent just like we had back in the Space Race.

We had to beat the Russkies to the moon, remember? We had to get there first.

I dunno if we can muster up the energy to fix our problems just because it's the right thing to do.

Maybe we need some other country, alien race, something or someone to be just about to figure these problems out before we do and then we'll get our collective butts in gear.