Wednesday, February 22, 2006

It seemed like such a well thought out plan. Rip out the old nasty stained up ba-zillion dust mite holding carpet in the back room, clean off the sub-flooring, install fake hardwood flooring (because I can't afford real hardwood), buy a nice large area rug, new furniture.

Voila! New room.

I didn't count on the base boards being half and inch too high for the new flooring. Nor did I count on them being glued to the wall, not nailed, which would make the odds of removing them in re-usable pieces much higher.

And since I have to lower them, means I have to repaint the half inch of old wall color that will be showing.

Not to mention that I have already had to take a shower (it's a real dirty job), put on going out in public clothes and run to Lowe's for a carpet cutter in which the razor blade doesn't fall off every five seconds.

And Thor, the super sniffer, is going positively INSANE over all the new smells I'm stirring up.

But it is going to look sooooo AWESOME back there when I'm done.
I just hope I'm still alive to enjoy it.

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