Friday, February 03, 2006

Do guys not have "pee dreams"?

Cos every woman that I've known well enough to talk about it with has had them. You know what I'm talking about. In your dream you are frantically searching for a bathroom because you have to go sooooo bad.

I've had dreams where I've been stumbling through junk yards, cemeteries, malls and abandoned warehouses. Finally you find the bathroom, sit down and a split second before relief, you wake up, still in your bed and half afraid to feel the sheets under you.

Is it because guys can just pee anywhere?

Technically speaking that is. (I hope.)


jaz said...

A few trees, palm fronds, the back of a barn, or off a moonlit porch pretty much works fine for us...

audra said...

Ah yes, the pee dream. I end up doing it in public in my dreams. Like I am in a port-a-potty that is mysteriously without walls. But no one is staring or pointing. I am usually only minorly embarrassed--like getting caught with your zipper down.