Friday, February 17, 2006

I sleep in late on Fridays because I have to start my night shifts on Friday nights. So I should be all warm and fuzzy and too sleep-satiated to be grumpy.

But then I sit down with my cup 'o coffee and the winner of the first cat to the lap contest (Sutu), looking forward to skimming through the news. And what should my wondrous eyes behold? Under my ISP providers "Top News" story list, in this order:

Mudslide Feared to Leave 1,500 Dead.
Some French chick chosen to be the next Bond Girl (paraphrased)
Simon Cowell doesn't get along with others (paraphrased)

It makes me want to hit someone and/or puke that we are that shallow.

Then I get an email reminding me of an event that I was signed up for without my approval, that if I had been ASKED, I would have said no because for one thing, it is on the evening after my last night shift, so I get to participate on about 3 hours of sleep, unless I just sleep the whole day away and completely mess up my carefully adhered to sleep cycle schedule. And also because I really don't have anything that I care to share right now. And last but not least because I don't want to because I wasn't ASKED.

So now I'm grumpy.
I hate being grumpy.
I need to go do something anti-grumpy.

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