Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I was trying to watch the news while I ate lunch. Big mistake.

Arab country with spotty record on terrorism? Got big bucks? Well, here are six major US ports you can take over.

(I'm almost reasonably sure that this company has been checked out, well, sort of sure. But they can't control everyone they hire. To me, even if the company is A-OK, it provides an "in" for employees who might not be.)

Bushie heading out to Colorado to talk to a group of scientists who are working on alternate energy sources. What's that? Shit! You are kidding, right? We just cut their budget and fired more than half of them? Well, hell, here, give 'em a couple million and re-hire those scientists before the speech. And give 'em a raise so they look happy when Bushie tells them how "important" their jobs are.

When Rummie showed up, I had to turn the TV off. The cognitive dissonance was becoming painful and just the thought of Rummie isn't helpful to digestion.

I'm just going to start watching HGTV and Food Channel. And Jon Stewart of course. The man is a freaking genius. Hmmmm....wonder what he is going to say about the fired/re-hired scientists tonight?

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glenda said...

LOVE Jon Stewart. Makes you wonder why Americans think Bush will be better at protecting them againt terrorists.