Wednesday, February 01, 2006

"America is addicted to oil, which is often imported from unstable parts of the world."

Sez our leader.

Really? Addicted to oil? Americans?

I have one thing to ask Mr. Bush.

Where the FUCK have you been?

This is a news flash?

Perhaps it has a little to do with your being not in the pockets of big oil companies, but actually crammed up their collective..................

Big deep breath.

Tax cuts for oil companies to develop new ways to get oil out of the ground. Blocking legislation that makes oil companies more accountable for their record profits in the wake of Katrina and Rita and this "war" in Iraq. Snuggling deep under the covers with the major oil producers of the Middle East. Literally and well as figuratively holding hands with the people who helped make you rich with their oil.

Years (and this covers both parties) of ignoring or underfunding any technology other than new oil production while taking huge campaign contributions from oil executives. Rush (drug addiction is a medical problem if you are a white man, a moral problem if you are of color)Limbaugh types making fun of "liberal environmentalists" so that there is a preconceived "coo-coo bird" notion when ever someone starts to talk about global warming or electric cars or solar energy.

Nope, NONE of this over dependence on oil was in any way sponsored by the government. I mean, just because the government worked hand in hand with big oil companies to ensure that oil was the only readily available energy source, that doesn't mean we should be surprised to hear that we are "addicted to oil".

And really, does anyone in American think that our oil comes from the Gasoline Fairy at Disney World? Is there someone out there who doesn't understand that most of it comes from the Middle East?

Could someone tell the President that we already knew that? And all his nice little talking points about what he is going do about it were all fine and dandy. I would like to see a report card on these initiatives in a year, just to see if he follows through.

But probably only us coo-coo bird liberal environmentalist types will think about that.


enigma4ever said...

Hi..I was blog strolling....and stumbled on your blog- and I admit that I love your kitty...I loved your write up about the Bush.."speech"...the idea that this man would even have the nerve to say the Addiction word to us...(grr-grunt-grrr)....We really need an Intervention...from this regime..Come on over to , and you will find some like minds...

Dave said...

Environmentalists against nuclear power. No nukes in our neighborhoods!