Tuesday, January 24, 2006

One would think that the mighty Thor kitten would have had an emergency visit or call to the vet by now. He is, in a word, insane. He is a whirling dervish of kitten energy zooming through his life at break-neck speeds. He climbs, he jumps, he gets in to things. Like the time he was found under the kitchen sink. Or the time he accidently got locked in the linen closet for eight hours, during which he managed to climb to the top shelf. Once there, he sent several hand painted bone china tea cups and saucers (placed there for safekeeping) crashing to the floor below. Not a scratch on him. He dives in to kitten-knee deep water to watch it swirl down the drain. He leaps up on to the washing machine to swat at the water. He sneaks in to the dryer.


Loki, however, could probably get me arrested for suspected kitten abuse. When he was a wee little thing of about four months of age, he snuck out of the back room and ran between the in-motion bars of my Gazelle exercise thingie. Slammed on the backswing into the upright, a double dose to the ribs. He was fine.

Then when we were in the "maybe they can play in the fenced in back yard" phase, Loki found a wasp to play with. One big fat giant paw later, he still refuses to go near the back door if it is open.

And now, this Sunday, he was running down the hall, started in to one room, changed his mind, did a full speed twisty-turn only to SLAM the side of his nose against the doorway. He staggered a little, shook his head and swiped at his nose a few times with a paw. I checked him out, he wasn't bleeding, no obvious trauma, so I went to work. When I got home Monday morning, he was sneezing, dripping from the one nostril and had a watery eye. His poor little nose was all swollen up. So I called the vet. They are used to me by now.

The tech asked me if he was eating. I said, this is Loki, the ten pound ten month old "kitten". He'd eat if his tongue had fallen out. But yes, eating, drinking. Clear fluid dripping. Diagnosis: he might have broken his nose. What to do? Call if he gets worse.

I hate that. I hate sick/injured kittens. They can't TELL you their symptoms. It gives me a stomach ache.

But this morning, he is bright eyed, playing, eating (of course) and drinking. Still sneezing. Not quite as drippy. Still got a fat nose. I guess he is going to be okay.

I'm telling ya, for a cat that does nothing, he sure gets in to a lot of trouble.

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jaz said...

I bought Loki some catnip to make him feel better.