Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I will be the first to admit that Thor is a weird cat. But he has always been within normal cat weirdness boundaries. Okay, well that could be argued, but not too far outside those boundaries.

But now he has developed a fascination with my toothbrush or maybe the toothpaste. You have to understand, he always comes running at full speed when he hears the sink faucet turn on. He can be heard thundering down the hall moments before he leaps on to the edge of the sink to stick his head in the water as he bats at the stream swirling down the drain. So I wasn't too concerned the first time he put his front paws on my arm to sniff at the toothbrush. It's one of those twirling vibrating ones and I thought he was attracted to the noise.

No. He reached up and hooked the end of the brush, almost pulling it out of my hand so he could try to lick the toothpaste.

Ick. Now, I kiss my kittens. Not on the lips, but on their little noses and heads. But having a cat lick my toothbrush while I'm using it? Even I won't go that far.

And Thor being Thor, a simple "no" will not suffice. He does not get it. So I moved. He followed. He is relentless. He is the Thor-minator who will not stop until the toothbrush is his.

My choices boiled down to a) let him lick, b) brush my teeth while running from room to room so he couldn't climb me, or c) lock him out of the bathroom.

I choose c. But now have to endure the scratching and meowing and the poor pathetic looking little paw reaching for me under the door. The pouts. The looks. The twitchy tail and pulled back ears.

For Pete's Sake!

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