Thursday, January 26, 2006

Loki went to the vet this morning. I'm telling you, I love my vet. He is the best, as is his staff. And not only because he checked out Loki's face for no charge.

But there is some swelling still in the palate, which is why he is making that funny squishy tongue smacking sound when he eats. His nose is intact, his teeth are okay. The swelling in his nose is down. In other words, he is fine.

This was also the first time he and Thor have been separated. When I put Loki in the cat carrier and shut the door, Thor gave me SUCH a look. Hey, you forgot something - ME! I almost came back for him when I saw the look on his face as we were backing out of the driveway. I don't know who was more upset, Loki for having to go or Thor for being left behind.

When we got there and went to our exam room, one of the techs peeked in and was just cooing. "Is that one of those sweet little kitties?"

"Yes," I said, pulling his fat ten pound ass out of the carrier.

"Holy Shit," she said, "No it isn't."

"Well, in the Norse legends," I said, "the God Loki was half giant. He's just trying to live up to his name."

Then the vet came in. "Holy Cow!" he said.

So I confessed. I am feeding him radioactive cat food in an attempt to grow the world's largest cat. Someone once asked me if I thought he had some Maine Coon Cat in his bloodline (although I think Norweigian Forest Cat would be more appropriate). I don't think he has either.

I think he's half mountain lion.

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