Thursday, January 05, 2006

One of my New Year resolutions has begun. I made an appointment with a dentist highly recommended by a work buddy.

When I told the secretary that she was my resolution, she was very impressed and pointed out that I had made it within the first week of the New Year. I like that sassy, almost sarcasism. Makes me feel at home.

The dentist is going to love me. He's gonna peek in there and see $$$$$$$$ dancing before his eyes. The hygienist on the other hand is going to hate me. I'm sorry. I'm afraid of dentists.

Not have to take a valium and get laughing gas afraid. Just getting started afraid. Once my butt is in the chair, I can deal. It's just putting it there.

See when I was young and we were very poor, my mom would take us to this free dental clinic. If the cavity was shallow enough, they would drill with no novacaine. I was old enough to know that if they had misjudged, it would hurt a whole heck of a lot (insert memories of "Marathon Man" here, "Is it safe?" Whirrrrrrrrrrrr!)

Can you say a wee touch 'o post traumatic stress?

But hey, maybe if I play it right, I CAN get some valium!

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