Friday, January 27, 2006

Many years ago, I was attempting to purchase some items in a chain store which shall remain nameless. The clerk at the checkout counter was so rude to me that I put away my checkbook, told her that I had changed my mind and that I would never shop there again.

And I haven't. Not that my piddly little drops of change would mean anything to the store's bottom line. For me, it was the principle.

For Oprah, however, it is the power. Holy publishing industry Batman! Not that scumbag who wrote up a whole book of lies. That didn't surprise me by much. I'm sorry. Addicts lie. Addicts exaggerate their woes for several reasons: to pump up their non-exsistant egos (I survived 87 days in a jail cell with a mass murderer) and gain sympathy(oh, you poor baby, those mean old policeman took you to jail for your fourth DUI?) and to delude themselves into believing that they have/had a REASON to use.

Oprah can (and did) swat him like the annoying little fly he has become. The lone individual (like me and my boycott) is meaningless in the big picture. But the publishing industry. Can you imagine how they must be shaking in their booties, wondering how the wrath of Oprah will play out?

No more Oprah Book Club picks for YOU!

Oprah, I swear, I promise on the lives of my kittens that my novel is completely fiction, not a word of it is true!

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