Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Going Back to My Cave Now

I have had a long several days of dealing with some of the most piss-poor customer service. And I'm not hard to please.

The Comcast debacle.

Then there was the "we're going to turn this over to a collection agency" FIRST notice I got thanks to my mailman noticing the address was wrong and matching my name to the correct address. When I called them, the lady sort of laughed and told me it "happens all the time" and "we never know if people actually get their bills".

I need to bake my mailman some muffins for going the extra step or I'd be trying to straighten out a hit to my credit rating.

Then this morning, I literally went through one robot and six humans beings at AT&T to cancel my land lines. And when I finally got to the right person, he tried to sell me MORE SERVICES? Um, what part of I can't afford land and cell service so y'all gotta go do you not understand?

Like I said, I'm going back into my introvert, hermit mode and not deal with people today.

The boyz say: Yes, we have a complaint about our food delivery service.

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