Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tell That To. . .

I was reading an article on the teenage girl in Kansas who refused to apologize for expressing her opinion of her Governor in a tweet.

And in the comments section, someone dragged out a version the completely disrespectful, "people died for your right to say that."

It makes me cringe every time I hear it.


Because it is used to SHUT UP another person's exercise of free speech.

It is said by someone on one side of an issue to someone on another side of an issue.

The problem?

It is so completely disrespectful to those who HAVE died to support what America is all about - freedom. Freedom of speech in this case.

What you are saying when you use this is that people have died for your right to speak your mind so you better shut up.

I'm sorry, but if I died for the right for people to speak freely, I sure would want them to do so and not use my death to shut up others.

But it has become one of the many things we parrot back without ever really sitting down and thinking our way through what it really means and do we really agree with what we are saying? We've become so used to using sound bites to encapsulate a complex idea that we forget the many facets that are steamrollered over by such narrow platitudes.

Thor sez: How about some freedom to have canned food three times a day?

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