Saturday, November 26, 2011

I Have a Dream!

A dream that next year, the biggest media story will be the deserted stores, the absent crowds, the empty cash registers of the chain stores on the day after we give thanks for living in the land of plenty.

I have a dream that for one Christmas season, everyone in America will make home made gifts, give gifts bought second hand or from solely local merchants or give donations to charities.

See, we all seem to hate the avarice and shamefulness of what "Black Friday" has become. But to excuse it: well, I know those people are crazy, but for me, it's just a fun time to spend with my family. It's a tradition.

Those excuses condone the entire sham.

It happens because we participate.

Anyone who has ever gone shopping on that day is guilty. (And, sorry, Charlie, with my crowd phobia, my hands are cleaner than clean on this issue.)

Our culture is so far gone that only massive shock treatments will work.

Everyone stay home next year.

If you haven't finished your shopping this year, vow to buy local, buy secondhand - putting the money directly into the hands of your fellow citizens - or give to charity.

The big companies do this because WE participate. We go along with it.

Stop. Opt out.

Thor sez: Give the best gift ever: pictures of ME!

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