Sunday, October 30, 2011

Loki Sunday

After a morning that began with a Comcast technician ringing the doorbell at 8am and continued with a one hour long internet session with a Comcast rep who did not restore the service I was paying for, and one phone call to talk to a real live American person (I am sorry, that "Edsel" on line was not an American, no one in this country would name their kid that), I now, after 3 days, have cable tv back.

This afternoon's muffin project will be cream cheese and strawberry muffins and toffee muffins. Contemplating some Halloween themed muffins, but there are only so many places I can take them so I don't end up eating them all.

Loki sez: What about tuna and catnip muffins? That sounds yummy!


Anonymous said...

Ya know, I just don't understand us intelligent folk continuing to subscribe to and pay for communication 'stuff' that doesn't work!!! When are we going to rise up and do something about it? A $7 increase caused 80,000 (that's right, 80,000) subscribers to leave Netflix. So, that's what it takes? $7? We have decided what we are, we are just hangling over the price!
Auntie Anon

JanetLee said...

It's everywhere, not just this industry. I got a letter threatening to turn my account over to a credit agency. When I called to tell them that my mailing address was wrong and this final notice was my first notice, the lady sort of laughed and said it happened all the time because they didn't get undeliverable mail back.

So my credit rating almost takes a hit because of their mistake and they just shrug it off.

Joan Perry; Sidewalk Curator said...

Hate, hate,hate dealing with comcast. It always ends up being something they did or changed but leaves me without service for at least a week.

JanetLee said...

Joan - getting the problem fixed was a nightmare. When I called and they could just change my service, it took 2 minutes. Why can't the techs flip the same switch as the account setter uppers?

Sharon said...

Okay, leaving aside Comcast (don't think Time Warner is any better, though)...I WANT MUFFINS! Those sound awesome!

Sharon said...

(Oh, and I did meet someone once named Edsel. An American. Not that the guy you talked to first was him or an American, for that matter.)