Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Questions I wanted answered:

1. What kind of arrogant poop head do you have to be to ring the doorbell with a giant sign next to said doorbell that reads: DO NOT RING BELL OR KNOCK! THANKS! (And I don't think it was the mailman, UPS or FedEx drivers, they are all very familiar with the sign and all have asked me about it on the days when the sign is not there.)

2. How many of you knew that while we were all talking about Rep Weiner's dick, a bill to increase our soldier's combat pay was voted down? (Anytime a scandal is rocking every news channel, better get on your congressional and senate monitoring sites and see what is going on, do you really think these scandals appear randomly?)

3. Why can I recall all the lyrics to American Pie and Tangled Up in Blue (when the song is playing) but I can't recall where I put my phone charger?
Ooooh! Look! Kittens:


Pixel Peeper said...

No. 1 - dimwits!
No. 3 - can't help you there, but I know how you feel.

Now...about No. 2 - I'm putting that as my status on my Facebook page tonight. I hope you don't mind. But this just makes me so mad, I have to share it.

Anonymous said...

I get the whole song thing..... I can sing right along too but I can't remember the three things I went to the grocery store for!!!!!!

Sharon said...

1. An illiterate poop head?
2. No, but thanks for reminding me to keep an eye on these things.

3. I'm having trouble with lyrics these days, too. As well as with the grocery list (I gave up on actual lists a long time ago, I'd just forget to bring them), etc.