Thursday, June 02, 2011

Thor's Day

And, oh, my my my my. Feeling like such a pathetic old lady. Went to see Thor (the movie) and participated in the little shudder/sigh that rippled through the theater.

I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend seeing the movie on the big screen, as many times as your wallet will allow. And watching all the trailers.

Thor sez: I knew my movie would be a hit!

This is why I love my fella:

Found that when I opened the fridge this morning.
(From the movie, Idiocracy)
Bird geekery: The bluebirds, after two or three years of being terrorized and murdered in their house by that little sparrow that if I ever catch, I'm personally driving to the Awendaw Bird of Prey Center to "donate" to help rehab injured birds, have three fat and sassy fledglings.

Thor sez: I tried to get out so I could help you with that sparrow, but nooooo! "There are fleas outside" you say. "There are raccoons and snakes and dogs and cars outside" you say.

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