Sunday, June 19, 2011

Living in the Past

Yesterday, we were so graciously welcomed into one of the family's ancestral homes down in Okatie, SC. The house, still in possession of the family, was a wedding present for Edward Wilson Sanders and his new bride, Jane Augusta Eikerenkoetter Sanders. It was occupied by Union forces during Sherman's march through the South, but not burned. There are several stories as to why, but I tend to go with the most plausible, which was it was the last telegraph post between Savannah and South Carolina.
Unsure of when this photo was taken, but almost looks like the 1930's or 40s?

The house as it looks today:

And the big score, a photograph of Jane Augusta Eikerenkoetter Sanders, my great-great grandmother.

And, in an unexpected treat, Cousin Wilson took us to St. Luke's Parish Church to show us the graves.

And in the present:

Me, Cousin* Wilson Sanders and his wife, my mom.
(*Cousin denotes we had a common ancestor but it is too tangled of a web to figure out seconds, thirds, removeds, etc.)


Sharon said...

Lovely. But, what, no cats?

black iowa dirt said...

that's really cool!

JanetLee said...

Sharon - ha! I though the same thing, but was in a hurry to post cos Jason had some real work to do.

Doug - there is more. I'll send the photos and information to you so you can update your copy of the genealogy if you'd like.