Monday, June 06, 2011

Monday, Why Does It Always Have to be Monday?

Questions I have asked recently:

Is having out of wedlock sex a mortal or venial sin?

What country would you go be an illegal immigrant in when Sarah Palin wins in 2016?

Why do they make this print so freaking small?

Do you think it is healthy or safe that I can clearly hear that you are listening to Michael Jackson through your head set from two rooms and three fans away?

Well, aren't you a Barky McBarkerson? (to the new neighbor's dog)

Thor sez: If Palin will be our competition, I'm launching Loki's 2016 Presidential run as the candidate of the Cat Nip Party. She's about as smart as Loki.


Angie Mizzell said...

I would say, it depends on what Michael Jackson song he (I presume) was listening to. If it was Keep it in the Closet, I think it would be okay to crank it up even louder. I love that song. Oh, and to answer the other question. Venial sin. :)

JanetLee said...

Angie, I think it was Billy Jean. The question on the blog had been preceded in real life with, "How old are you?"

Yes, the lapsed Catholic fully instructed me in the sins and the philosophies of each. :)

jaz said...

Venial, Scotland, because they can, yes.

Sharon said...

Canada. I've been trying to move to Canada ever since Dubya.

No idea about the other stuff. Oh, but good idea about hiding the card when the workers come. (Are they always men?) (Okay, so my feminist language police cred is showing, huh?)

Sharon said...

Oh, I totally missed the Michael Jackson question and I think I answered something from a previous post in the process.

Is it too late for my nap? (It's 7:40 pm right now)

JanetLee said...

Sharon - this is SC, of course they are always men. Although I think there is one female handywoman in the area.

I told Jason yesterday that I was looking for Queen Margrethe of Denmark's email address to write for permission to return to the land of my ancestors.

And proximity to Canada is one of the "pros" on my pro/con list for moving to Vermont.