Sunday, June 05, 2011

Loki Sunday

I don't purposely overlook Loki Sunday in favor of Thor's Day. It's just that Thor takes better pictures than Loki and how many stories can I make up about bug eyed, looking terrified pictures of Loki?

Loki sez: This is untrue, sometimes I look goofy.

I went to a party for my niece Lexi, who graduated from high school this week. I got to see her big sister Caitlin, who I haven't seen a few years. She is all busy studying and working in New York City. She is an amazing singer and actor and is about to graduate from college up there. She is trying to decide what her next step will be, move to France to teach English? (She is fluent in French), stay in New York and take a position with a small theater group, or move to California and work in earnest on developing her own PR firm (she already almost has a client), while pursuing singing and acting.

And she is barely 21! I wish I'd been that brave and that confident when I was that age. So, so, so proud of her.

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