Friday, June 17, 2011

Getting My Patella Polished

My new ortho doc took a look at my x-rays and MRI results, felt my right knee go creeeeeeaaak creeeeeeeeeeeeaaaak and said I needed a patella polish.

Not exactly, but I'm scheduled for surgery early next month. He's gonna clip a ligament and remove all the sharp bony overgrowth that is exasperating the wear and tear on the cartilage, causing pain and swelling which is causing my kneecap to rotate out of position.

Hopefully, this will scare my left knee enough for it to straighten up and fly right.

He asked me what I couldn't do now that I want to do and my list included: full range of motion in my right knee so I can do stupid things like squat and perform most yoga positions, walk upstairs or hike a mountain trail, ride a bike, work more than one shift without it aching like a rotten tooth.

My old cortisone shot and arthritis medicine routine was keeping me relatively pain free, but there is a difference between pain free and being able to do what you want to do. He gets this.

My mother offered me the walker she used after her knee surgery.

Seriously. A walker.

Told her I was more of a crutches kind of girl.

Okay, so I'm driving to Publix this morning to buy coffee creamer and the Muse decides to let me in on how the entire plot line and arc for Part Two of the Jericho series is all wrong, and here is what should really happen.

It's another complete rewrite but the damn bitch is right.

She's always right.

Just wish she wouldn't let me flounder around so long before she lets me in on the secret.

The editing assistants say: Oh, she told us to tell you that a couple of weeks ago, sorry.

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Sharon said...

Eek! Hope all goes well with the surgery!

As for your muse and your editorial assistants, I need the first one for sure. The editorial assistants could come visit anytime, I'm sure Spike would like to meet them.

Okay, maybe not.