Monday, October 04, 2010

Mish Mosh Monday

I really wish we could change the whole "Save the Earth" stuff to "Save the Humans". Because the Earth will go on. She will rest and recycle and start over. Humans, not so much. Why do we think we will still survive once we trash the earth?

I said this to Jason and he called me a socialist and stomped out of the room. (In our house, that means you've stated a basic truth that no-one wants to hear.)

Tired of Jim DeMint paying attention to the rest of the country while ignoring the people who put him in office in SC? A little offended by his smug sureness that you will re-elect him without him even humbly asking for your vote? Worried that all the Boeing, BMW and other manufacturing jobs so hard won will be lost if our port doesn't modernize and the only thing standing in the way is Jim DeMint?

Disgusted that the whole Alvin Green thing?

There is an alternative: Nathalie Dupree.

Learn more here.

I need to find a new source for Nutri-Vet Hair Ball stuff. It's the only kind the boys will take without a fight.

The boyz say: No more special treat?!? Oh noes!!!!!

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