Sunday, October 31, 2010

Home Again!

Home from the Rally to Restore Sanity. Don't care what Glenn Beck and Fox have to say, there were at least 200,000+ there. Packing in like sardines from the capital building to the Washington Memorial and all the side streets in between.

What a crazy, marvelous day!

Will have pictures ASAP. My little camera, borrowed from Jason, died before the rally even got started, so I'll have to see what's on there and then go through Jason's photos.

That was without a doubt, the single most exciting experience of my life. I mean, Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam) singing Peace Train while Ozzy Osbourne sings Crazy Train, then the O-Jays singing Love Train? That's some sanity provoking shit right there.

And the signs! It was just as much fun to watch the signs as to watch the rally.

Promise, tomorrow, pictures. Now, must get cats to stop the hatin'.


Mike said...

I loved the photos of the signs that Pam Morris posted on FB.

Joan Perry; Sidewalk Curator said...

Lucky you! I kept looking for you in the crowd.

JanetLee said...

Mike, the signs were great! I'll be putting some of the picture I got up later, but will have to wait for Jason's as he hasn't had time to process all his photos yet.

Joan, I couldn't find me in that crowd! We were so far back and then had to move off to a side street because I almost literally could have picked up my feet and not fallen.

Chuck Boyd said...

Ladies, I arrived around 9am (stood a 6-hour day!)Was off to the left of the stage but got my "early bird" free towel. My blog will have pictures.

Didn't see either of you.

JanetLee said...

Chuck we were to the right of the stage, at first packed in like sardines, then we moved to the street side where there was a little more elbow room and Jason could move around to get photos.

I'll have more pictures here also, as Jason processes them.

Wasn't it a great, happy, positive crowd?

Sharon said...

Good for you for going! I was at Sarah Lawrence College for Family Weekend (a friend's daughter is a freshman) and got to see the first couple of hours on a big screen they set up in an auditorium. Awesome!