Friday, October 15, 2010

Forgetful Friday

I completely forgot Thor's Day yesterday. So sorry, but was laid out with the worst migraine in over a year, since I stopped with the hormone patches. I think it was triggered by driving in the afternoon without sunglasses and all the sun spots heliographing off car windows.

Thor sez: I find this completely unacceptable.

I think that in this election (and all subsequent elections) the most important thing to know about the candidates is not the R or D behind their name. It isn't the talking points they repeat like Chatty Cathy dolls. It isn't how much shitake they can throw at their opponent.

The most important thing to know is this: who owns them?

Which corporations bought the election for them? What foreign countries funneled money via Chambers of Commerce into their election funds?

Because that is who the person is going to serve. Not you. Them. Corporate America, whose avarice got us into the economic mess we are in now. Who sent our jobs overseas to save a few bucks and damn the American worker.

So check that out. If you agree with the corporations goals for itself, then vote for that candidate, because that is all that is going to be accomplished.

Screw socialist. We are becoming a corporatilist nation. And if you think corporations are going to look after you and your family, you are fool.

Loki sez: Noooooo!!!! We need to become a felinocracy.

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jaz said...

The correct term is plutocracy; i.e. rule based on wealth. And it's not coming - we're already there.

I actually love it when people point out that there is no proof that the money pouring into these election funds is coming from foreign sources. I respond that they are absolutely correct: no one knows WHERE the money is coming from... and that is the real problem.

How people can preach about "ethics" or "family values" while turning a blind eye to the outright, blatant, purchase of political influence is beyond me. And for the record, I agree that a paid-for Democrat is just as bad as a paid-for Republican.