Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Hair is sufficiently short. Slightly Jamie Lee-ish. The hair at the nape of my neck is still dark, but we discovered a white spot in it this morning. A spot-spot, not just a place-spot. Weirdness.

Why did I look okay in the car mirror, go to the wine store, then get home to see the tiny hairs all over my forehead?

Watched an old guy with a McCain sticker and a Jesus fish on his SUV hit a parked car just moments before the old lady who owned the car came out of the wine store. She didn't notice the dent/scratch on the side and Mr. Moral Majority let her drive off without telling her that he'd damaged her car.

Moral fiber, it's not just for slogans!

I honestly thought he was getting out to tell her, but he let her drive away. If I'd been 30 seconds quicker, I would have ratted him out. Poor old lady!

The boyz say: Yell all you want, you should have had the morals not to leave things laying around if you didn't want them haired up.


Anonymous said...

Will there be a photo of the
Jamie-ish hair???Pam, South Bend

Pixel Peeper said...

Yes, your readers need a picture - especially those like me who've been thinking Jamie Lee-ish hair thoughts as well!

Hope the SUV guy drove over a big ole nail!