Friday, October 30, 2009

Crazy Ladles Lady

There is a little soup/sandwich/salad shop ever ever too close to my house. Oh, I zoom right by it whenever I am out doing errands and it's just too easy to pop in for some super yummy lunch. Like yesterday, they had Brie and Granny Apple soup. To. Die. For. I think we have single handedly financed at least one of the expansions.

So, I was in there (again) yesterday and was asked, "See you again tomorrow?" Looking back over my reciepts. Um, we had lunch there Sunday. I had lunch there Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I'm trying to resist today, but then part of me is like, oh just do it, and go tomorrow too so you can say you ate there every day for a week.

And I have to go out for a pumpkin and Halloween candy, so I will drive right by. Sigh, wonder what the specials are today?

Thor sez: Friday is She Crab Soup day, don't pretend like you don't already know that.
(Edit: Ha ha. Jason just called, he is bringing me Ladles She Crab soup, so I don't have to show my face there again, today.)

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Joan Perry; Sidewalk Curator said...

Wow! You are better than me at eating out! Can't they open an outlet at the hospital? That would be fine.