Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

About to leave for my first facial. Joyful.

Then I need to decide if I want to get the H1N1 mist vaccine. I can get one free at work today and tomorrow. Here is my problem: My immune system is so bored that when ever I get any vaccine, I have what they call a "robust immune reaction". Which means I'm gonna feel like shitake for a day or so. And the mist is said to provoke a bigger immune response than the injection. So, mist now or injection later?

Oh, and pet peeve: People who say that the flu shot gives them the flu. It does NOT. It makes your immune system think you have the flu, so it runs out the standard bag of tricks: increase the body temperature, crank up the snot production, send out the troops to eat any foreign body they can find (which leads to the sore throat and achy muscles).

When your child got a vaccination and then had a little fever and was grumpy from feeling bad, did you say that the measles vaccine gave your child the measles? No, you just understood that it was part of the immunity building that is the purpose of the vaccination.

End rant.

Loki sez: So my rabies vaccine didn't really give me rabies?

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