Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits

Got a letter offering me a button that says: Another Nurse for Healthcare Reform. The letter said I should wear it at work to show my support.

Ha. More likely I'd be fired. Or shunned. I'm already the (roll-your-eyes-as-you-say-it) token liberal in the joint.

Today is flu shot day at CVS. I wish I'd known that before I ran out to pick up a prescription. Yikes.

I hope the non-adult supervised child who was coughing his fool head off without covering his mouth as he walked by me in the aisle was too short for the germs to be propelled into my airspace.

I'm wondering if the woman in Tennessee who was attacked, stabbed and had her newborn infant kidnapped had been white instead of Hispanic and had spoken more English than Spanish, would there have been more coverage? Because I had to hunt to find updates on the story.

I like that Thor, when you catch him doing something cute, usually stays in place while you go get the camera.

Thor sez: What? It's dirty laundry!

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