Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday, Monday

How I love this Monday. It's random week off week! I have a terrible problem - I accumulate too much paid time off and I'm in constant danger of capping out so have to just take time off for no reason. Sounds horrible, huh?

I bought a 36 inch long black wig for Halloween and when I tried it on, realized that my real hair used to be that long. I want to braid it and put flowers in it - I'm going to be a hippie, wanted to be an old hippie and have braided gray hair, but couldn't easily find a gray wig and am too lazy to hunt (only being a hippie cos I already have a tie dyed peace sign shirt). But then I realized that I don't even own a brush. What kind of girl doesn't own a hair brush?

My completely random question for people the past week has been, "Do you know where I can get a picture of Jamie Lee Curtis doing her yogurt commercials?"

Because I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow and want it done like hers, that's why.

I'm also getting my first facial this week. I don't even know proper facial etiquette. Should I wear make up or not? How long does it take? Should I pluck random facial hairs so I don't gross out the person doing the facial? What if I have a big fat pimple? Should I cancel?

Okay, I need to start editing the last short story so I will get up and do one of my big projects: clean out the lower kitchen cabinets. I've scaled that back from cleaning all the kitchen cabinets, just trying to be reasonable with myself.

And supervise cooler weather friskiness.

The boyz say: What? We're playing!
Sure it's all fun and games until Loki starts hissing.


Anonymous said...

Try googling the brand and see if her photo is on their website....or and this may be more work than you are interested you local tv station, ask for the traffic dept., ask when that commercial runs again... (I used to be in broadcasting) take a photo of your tv when the spot runs.God Bless, Pam, South Bend P.S. I think she is in some of their print ads in magazines too

JanetLee said...

Pam - I found one. What did we do before Google? Just googled her name and clicked on images and took my pick. We'll see, her hair looks thinner than mine, so hopefully it will work. If I can convince the girl who cuts my hair to cut it that short.

Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoyed the facial. I usually wear makeup (as I'm often coming from, errands, etc). I bring mascara and lip gloss for afterwards. Your skin will probably be glowing, so you don't need much more!

Pat, Phoenix

Sharon said...

Janet, you did exactly what I was gonna tell you to do--because that's exactly what I did the last couple of haircuts! So we now have the same middle name *and* the same haircut.

I bet mine's a lot greyer than yours, though. (I've decided to go with "grey" and not "gray"--some friends and I have been discussing this and we agree that it's much better to go with the British on this one.)

It's been much too long since I've had a facial, so I wouldn't have been much help with that. I hope you enjoyed it!