Saturday, February 10, 2007

RIP Vickie Lynn Hogan

Like many of you, I felt a sense of sadness when I learned of the death of Anna Nicole Smith. Mostly, I felt sad for her, not about her.

I felt sad because here was this girl, this poor girl, Vickie Lynn Hogan, from some nowhere small town who wanted to be famous and admired and loved.

And I admire her gumption, because she certainly became famous.

But she never really seemed to be happy. It never seemed enough.

And I got to thinking about what I wrote a few days ago, about transformation. Vickie Lynn obviously wanted a life different than the one she saw before her in that little town.

But the transformations she made were all external. She relied on her beauty and her body to get her where she wanted to be. And it didn't seem to quiet the demons inside her, the thirst for love or fame or whatever it was that she thought she didn't have.

So, I'm sorry she never got to find that inner peace and be really happy.


Tamora Pierce said...

I am, too. This was just plain . . . sad.

I hope where she goes next, she finds contentment and belief in herself.

Marcheline said...

Makes me wonder something.

If she never changed her name, or her bra size, and just lived a "normal" life as herself, would she have been any happier?

Or was this unhappiness her permanent burden in this lifetime?

The more I live, the less I am convinced that our circumstances define us. Some people are happy even in poverty - some people are unhappy even in wealth.

Perhaps some people are just happy, and others are just miserable.

- M