Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Levolor Blinds and Cat TV

It's a personal taste kind of thing, I know. But I've got white Levolor blinds in most of my windows. I like the white. My walls are painted in different colors (yellow in front room and hall, light green in kitchen, medium green in TV room, gold and burgandy in the boudoir) but all my trim work is in bright white. I just like the look. And I like my expensive blinds. Especially the gigantic one over the double window in the front room.

So, I was a wee bit miffed when I saw it had been bent. And while I had my suspects (not Jason or the guinea pig), I had no proof. Then yesterday morning, the culprit showed himself.

Seems like a certain furbag can't wait for Cat TV to "come on" in the morning.

See, I thought it was Thor too. But no, Loki, the quiet one. The 'good' one.


Marcheline said...

Alas, I found out that my "quiet one" has been stropping her claws on the lid of my cloth-covered sewing box - a gift from my mom! Ack! Time to order more "soft paws" claw covers pronto!

Love the stripes on the back of Loki's neck - how pretty!

- M

JanetLee said...

A quick, cheap fix for stropping I've found is to put some double sided tape on the surface (if it won't cause any damage). Cats HATE touching tape. Doesn't take long for them to lose interest in stratching on that particular item.

Pat said...

I've had similar damage to miniblinds and curtains, so I went for the faux wood blinds this time. Heheh...foiled the little weasels! So now they're destroying my leather couches instead.

Pam said...'s always the quiet one! I have a terrible blinds-kitten-aquarium story that involves a much-prized shark as a pet. Let's just say that it was traumatic for everyone involved.

JanetLee said...

Pam - just those few details made me cringe. I don't think I want to hear the whole story.

And - public service announcement - if you have cats and blinds, please, please, cut the cords. Just like you do with babies and toddlers.