Friday, February 23, 2007


White cat provided some entertainment on Cat TV today, attempting to dig up and catch a mole in the front yard.

There is a mole living in my front yard.

Not a single blue bird has expressed interest in my National Geographic Society approved blue bird house.

Jason thinks this is not an appropriate kitten birthday present. I think it's a great idea, like getting cable for Cat TV.

Thor sez: What? Not doing nothing.

Sheesh, my cats are weird!


jaz said...

Right - so the little birds raised in the house against the window will be conditioned to associate having a cat staring at them from an inch away with feelings of warmth, home, and mother.

Pat said...

If they don't have little birdie MIs first!

Sunnie (Kaytee) said...

LOL That's a brilliant idea!!!!! If I were a cat person and actually had cats, I would totally get that for them. LOL

Marcheline said...

I would worry about those suction cups letting go and dropping the nest.

The whole getting this for the cats thing - now that's just ghoulish! Poor little birdies!!

You were just kidding, though, right?

- M

Marcheline said...


Pat - never mind little birdie myocardial infarctions... they could have heart attacks!


JanetLee said...

Okay. No window bird nest. I don't think that birds are "intellectually gifted" enough to learn not to fear cats, but I think one of the nest building materials balls would be more appropriate (birdies take what they want and fly away to build their nests elsewhere).

Honestly, I'd be afraid I'd pull the blinds up one day and there would be a fat snake in there, munching on baby birds, then I'd be the one having one of them, whatchacallits...mycardiackical infarts.