Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The competition is on again. I call it the Griswald Competition. Just down the street, around the bend in the horse-shoe are the competitors.

Griswald Right is leading right now. He has his three foot high red and white flashing "NOEL" sign up on the roof and most of the roof lined in twinkling lights.

In a weeks time, he and his neighbor across the street (Griswald Left) will have every inch of straight line in the yards, on the houses, along fences and up every tree glowing in lights. There will be Disney characters in a manger scene. There will be blow-up snowmen. There will be icicle lights dripping. There will be a light-up train pulling a car full of presents. Oh yes. Yes there will.

I'm sure it can be seen from outer space.

My next door neighbor isn't quite as bad. He is done. He has a lighted wreath in every window and one on the front door. He has a snowman and a Santa standing at the bottom porch steps, along with some poinsettias.

I've got a 22 bulb snowflake that I hang in my double window. And I'm not quite sure where it is right now. I got it last year out of sheer guilt and shame that I was letting the neighborhood down with my lack of Christmas spirit.

I'm almost afraid to see what the crazy lawn lady across the street will do.

I really want to get a flock of pink flamingos and put little tiny antlers on their heads. That would cool.


jaz said...

The snowflake is in the laundry room closet.

Aren't you worried that Thor will chew on it, though?

JanetLee said...

Thor will not chew on it. He will attempt to climb it and will be found hanging by two claws, swinging as the blinds crash down around him. After which he will give us that "what? I wasn't supposed to do that?" look.

Loki will be lounging on the floor, licking a paw and saying, "I told him not to do that."