Sunday, November 13, 2005

Yesterday, Thor waded through ankle deep (on him) water to stare as the bath water swirled down the drain. I called it a maelstrom once and I think he thinks it is his Viking duty to challenge it.

When he got tired of watching, he sat down. In the water.

I told him that the Cat Licensing Board was on the way to revoke his cat license. He'd have to call himself a dog from now on.

Then, before I left for work last evening, I found him sitting quietly in the window of the spare room. He seemed to be contemplating the world outside. Upon closer inspection, he was found to be trying to figure out how to get the six inches of venetian blind cord he'd swallowed back out of his throat. Thank God I'd cut the cord or he'd have hung himself.

Then bright and early this morning as I returned from work, the front window blinds were open and both Thor and Loki were perched on the window sill. As I pulled in, Loki had a keen look of interest about him.

Thor looked like he might be drooling.

Now, I adore Thor. He is very sweet. He is lovable and loving and funny.

I'm beginning to fear that he really is dumb as a box of toe nail clippings.

But I love him anyway.

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