Tuesday, November 29, 2005

My son recently sent me, via email, some pictures. A couple were of an Irish bar, Kelly's Irish Pub, in Rhodes, Greece.

I wrote him back to ask a few questions, the first of which was how did there come to be an Irish Pub in Greece?

I waited, my writer's imagination eager for just a few details upon which I could spin an entire story. A broken hearted Irishman leaves his homeland forever following the tragic death of his one true love but becomes homesick and recreates the Pub where he and True Love met.

Something like that. But alas, the story I got was that there are a lot of British tourists there and it's a gimmick type thing. So much for true love.

Now, the picture of Eric Clapton's yacht, THAT he knew something about. But he is a musician. My son that is. Well, so is Clapton. I asked if he'd knock, knock, knocked on Eric's door and asked to play one of his guitars.

But I really did love the picture of my son wearing the leprechaun hat and beard. That was funny. I'm thinking of making copies for Christmas presents.

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