Thursday, November 17, 2005

I went shopping with my mother today. I hate shopping. Really. I do. I hate clothes, I hate shoes. I think pajama's should be fine for everyday wear. Sneakers in the winter, barefoot in the summer.

I'm spoiled because I get to wear what are essentially pj's to work and comfy shoes are a requirement. So I never HAVE to wear stupid things like panty hose and toe-pinching shoes with ankle breaking heels.

But I need some new clothes. I'm getting a little old for the tee-shirt and jeans routine. So I was in a mood to shop, which is rare.

First off, shopping with my mom is a love/hate thing. One, she can shop circles around me. Two, she's still a perfect size six and can wear short skirts because she didn't get her mother's varicose veins, I did. Three, she keeps her glasses in her purse until she needs to look at a price tag. It's annoying and when I tell her what the price is, she still gets out her glasses to check.

Because I am such a natural born slob, I can't go into stores like Bloomingdales or Nordstrom (YES! We have those down here in hickville, thank you very much!). I can't do it because no matter how much I like something, if it is more than say, $60, I'm not buying it. No piece of cloth is worth that much. I don't care how cute it is. I dont' care how darling it would look with that black suede skirt.

But I did alright. I found a really cute dusty rose pink jacket (that DOES, in fact look darling with my black suede skirt). And two sweaters, one red with black beaded flowers and the other a rich ruby red.

Anyone in the Charleston area who hasn't been to Consigning Women in the Avondale area (near Gerald's Tires), I highly recommend it. The clothing is in excellent shape and the prices are awesome. I got the two sweaters in mint condition for $17.

So good it may make a shopper out of me yet. Or maybe not. If I buy clothes, I have to buy shoes. Shudder.

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