Tuesday, August 09, 2011

What Does Hate Look Like?

I stumbled upon this video today. Please watch it. I found it extremely powerful.

But what I also found interesting is that in the comments, someone had put a comment along the lines of "you aren't oppressed, get over it."

And that puzzled me, because I didn't think it was about the Civil Rights struggle at all.

It seemed to me that the viewer who made that comment had slammed shut his/her mind the moment images of the Civil Rights movement were shown. He/she couldn't have watched the entire thing. And I can't really hold that against him/her, it's hard to watch.

For me, it was about the face of hatred.

The images shown illustrate clearly what hatred looks like. How hatred is used as a means to an end. An end that rarely benefits the majority.

This hatred is alive and well today. Against homosexuals. Against liberals. Against conservatives. Against the poor. Against those with Hispanic sounding names.

So, please, look at it. Look at the faces of the people in the photographs.

That's what hatred looks like.

That's what hatred does.


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Wow is right. I couldn't stop watching it, the photographs were so stunning, haunting