Tuesday, August 09, 2011


Two things I'm doing:

1.Working like a demon on Book One. Got some really, really good feedback on it. And got some advice on Book Two that also applied to One. The rewrite is going like a house afire. I'm in that giggling, maniacally typing until Jason takes the keyboard away, then lie awake in bed for hours while my brain keeps whirling stage. Bottom line: I'm closer to querying agents than I thought.

2.Teaching Thor to swim. Well, teaching Thor to walk around in the bathtub. He will get in, on his own, when the water is just past the top of his paws and walk around and drink the water. I put him in with the water about half way up his legs and he just stood there, looking around and calmly walked to the side and got out. Why am I doing this? Because. I'm crazy. And Thor seems to enjoy it.

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