Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Two things I regret:

1. Trying to cut a tomato in a bowl so I wouldn't dirty up the cutting board.

2. Having to explain the above to the nice people at the emergency room. I'm sure somehow a notation has been made on my employee file: "too stupid to really work here".

Two things that I enjoyed watching:

1. My mom springing into SUPERMOM mode when I asked her for a ride to the emergency room.

2. The look on the nurse's face when she came to see what size band aid I needed.

(Hey! It bled like a mo-fo for TWENTY minutes! Every time I let up pressure, blood would pour out. How was I to know it would begin to clot off in an hour? Except for that being a nurse part. Sorry, but my own blood freaks me out. Your blood I can handle, my blood, um, not so much.)

Two rewards I gave myself:

1. Hello Kitty bandaids.
2. Jelly beans.

The two reasons you keep coming back to my prattle:


Mike said...

I would think that explaining it to Heather is worse than explaining it to the emergency room personnel.

JanetLee said...

Yes, it was. At least the ER people TRY to keep the snark in check.

But I deserved it.

Sharon said...

Trying very hard not to laugh.


(Glad your finger stopped bleeding, though.)