Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Morning Musings

Planning a small charity drive/raffle. Never done that before. Hm. Need a poster, a box and some organizational skills. I think I can handle that.

Got a bad case of spring fever yesterday and now have four new azalea bushes, some yellow daisies and a yellow carolina jessamine. Had to force myself to leave the garden center. Seriously. Force myself.

Getting stuff organized for a yard sale. Missed the deadline for ad placement so it will not be this weekend, but next. Sigh. Maybe I should get some help with this whole organization stuff.

Trying to get part one of the new manuscript re-keyed and edited by May. I'll start shopping it then, while I re-key part two and rough draft part three.

Thor sez: Can I help you organize your outline this time also?

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